Lab Computing Resources

In addition to the desktop computers in the lab space, we also have three servers dedicated to our lab. They are linux servers and have 128GB of RAM, which are useful if we are running programs that require a large amount of RAM. The servers can be accessed using windows remote desktop with computer names. Your GT credential will allow you to login.


NOTES about the servers:

  • Please do not use This server is dedicated to host two outfacing web-based tools our lab previously developed.
  • For projects that can operate on laptop or desktop computers, please use the office desktop computers. I’d like the servers to be used for project/programs that are too RAM-demanding to be handled by office desktops.


The two computers closest to the hallway are equipped with GPUs. They also have relatively large RAM (probably 64GB). Those two computers are also helpful for projects that require large RAM, as well as deep learning applications that require GPU.